Bhutan Pilgrim Adventure

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Bhutan Pilgrim adventure

As Bhutan’s foremost travel experts, we welcome you with a heartfelt “Kuzuzangpo” – the traditional greeting of our beautiful land.

Bhutan, called Druk Yul by its people, is known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. It is one of the world’s most beautiful, yet mysterious places. It is located on the eastern edge of the Himalayan Mountain region. A large part of the area is forested welcoming a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna. The country stretches from subtropical valleys and plains to snowcapped mountain ranges. This landscape makes it the perfect place to trek through the majestic valleys or steep mountains to visit ancient architecture and Buddhist temples.

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We only book you into the hotels we love and would visit again.

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Create your own special trip by adding short treks and upgrading your hotel stays.

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When to Visit Bhutan?

We recommend visiting Bhutan in autumn and spring.

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Our tours do not have commission based shopping stop, we do not believe a perfect trip to require one

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